Let Me Share My Story...

September 27, 2017

I’m Yvenson "VINCE" Israel – I’m a 27 year old ecommerce, forex trader and sports nut from Florida. I’ve been fortunate over the last few years to grow a business that  operates primarily online. Yes, I'm actually a stay at home dad that doesn't have to deal with rush hour traffic, late night meetings, or Monday morning blues that most 'corporate-slaves' face when climbing up the corporate ladder.

This lifestyle allows me to spend more time with my family and daughter.

So, you may be asking. Vince, How Did You Get Here? I initially went the traditional route. I graduated from NOVA Southeastern, where I obtained my  Bachelors on Finance. I then entered the corporate world. I was all set to work 30+ years in a big comfy office, getting to work at  9 and leaving at 5. As you probably guessed, it didn’t quite work like that.

Growing up with a younger brother and sister and the only source of income being our single mother working $9.50HR  life was not easy to say the least. Florida power & light and the city coming to cut our lights and water were a usual thing for us, not to mention mom having pay an extra $75 every month on top of the usual rent due to late fees. However, mother was a strong woman she always made sure we were fed and had a roof over our heads and we were grateful for that alone.

Being the eldest, at the age of 16 I got my first job at CVS pharmacy working as a cashier for $7.50 an hour. It was a very big deal for me because I knew I would be able to support mom and my younger siblings. Things were great for a while; however our lifestyles did not change much I was still eating Ramen noodles. I also noticed everyone who worked at CVS pharmacy did not have the lifestyle I wanted, so I began looking for other ways to make money. While working at CVS pharmacy, I started to network with some of the customers whenever I noticed a customer with a nice car or a Rolex I would ask them what they did for a living.

Throughout my research I discovered everyone who was doing extremely well in life and had the time freedom I wanted owned a business. One word I kept hearing over and over "I own" so I came to the conclusion if I wanted to be successful like them I needed to own something. At age of 16 I did not have the resources to start a brick-and-mortar business, so I began looking on the Internet for solution.

By the time I was 17, I got involved in a home-based business industry, I spent $1500 on a motivational product. Sadly I did not see a return on that money not to mention that money was money I was saving to purchase my first car. Nonetheless I was not about to let some minor setback stop me from becoming a full-time business owner.

I later joined another work from home business and started making $8000 a month; it was great to make so much money from home while having so much time freedom. Unfortunately, the owners of the company decided to change the compensation plan and my six-figure income disappeared overnight.

From that point on I decided I was only going to get involved with things I own and can control. So I got involved doing drop-shipping on Amazon, within a year I had a six-figure store and had several students making $30,000 to $50,000 a month in sales.

The best part about Amazon drop-shipping I didn't have to store any inventory, no overhead and only had to purchase the products after I sold them. Meaning I already knew how much money I was going to make an each product even before I purchased it. Drop shipping on Amazon is the simplest way for anyone to get started online with the least amount of risk. There's no cap on the amount of products you can list, no purchase needed it until you have already sold the product, the suppliers send a product directly to the customers so you never even physically see the products.

I have been very privilege to live the life I always wanted, from $7.50 an hour to $17,000 days with e-commerce. I get to stay home with my 4 year old daughter and be a stay-at-home dad, I have the opportunity to travel all over the world, all I need is my laptop and Internet connections.  I never have to request vacation time because I'm my own boss however my biggest achievement has been the ability to pass down the knowledge.

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Let Me Share My Story...

Welcome to my story and how I became Vince Ecom Empire.

September 27, 2017
Traveling to the other side of the world

What an incredible journey to go visit my team.

September 27, 2017